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Evolution mirror

Dec 26, 2016

Ancient Obsidian, gold, silver, Crystal, copper, bronze, made by grinding and polishing glass. 3000 BC, Egypt has for makeup/shaving mirrors. 1th century AD, began to show people the whole of a large mirror. Popular in the middle ages and combs in ivory or precious metal portable magnifying glass in small boxes. Late 12th century to early 13th century appearance with silver or iron pieces to the back of the glass. Center of Renaissance Venetian mirror, mirror produced by prestigious because of high quality. 16th century invented the cylinder manufacturing plate glass and invented on the glass with mercury amalgam of tin foil method attached, metal decreases. Second half of the 17th century, France invention with the method of casting glass plate, made out of high quality glass. Mirrors and borders become interior decoration. Make a full-length mirror in the late 18th century and is used for furniture.