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Optical properties of mirrors

Dec 26, 2016

Mirror-like reflection of light to obey the law of reflection. Reflection depends on the light's angle, mirror-like smoothness and the nature of the metal-coated. Imaginary lines vertically with the mirror as normal, into the angle between the ray and the normal and equal to the angle between the reflected ray and normal. Planar objects in front of the mirror in the mirror upright virtual image, as the distance from the mirror and object equal to the distance from the mirror. If you want to see in the mirror my entire body length, as the angle of incidence equals the reflected angle, at least I half the length of the mirror. The reflector toward the center of curvature of the mirror. Parallel light rays hit the focus after the incident to the concave mirror reflection (f), the focus at the center of curvature (c) from the mirror at 1/2. If cooking in a large concave mirror focus position, and acceptable sunlight gathered heat and solar cooker. Such as lamps or searchlights in the light source in a concave mirror focuses light where they can reflect light. Objects outside the center of curvature can be reflected into inverted real image, such as reflecting telescope. Convex mirror reflection surface facing away from the center of curvature, objects in the mirror after a narrow erect image, reflection of the reduced scope of the landscape, such as motor vehicle rear-view mirror.