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Barber Chair Structure And Characteristics

Dec 26, 2016

With ordinary chairs and different pneumatic Chair Barber Chair is generally through the hydraulic pump to adjust height, hairdresser feet half-crushed under normal conditions cripple Barber Chair height can be adjusted, and adjustable backrest Barber Chair by flipping a pneumatic valve adjust the backrest angle. Barber chair lift function properly and rotate functions, which is mainly to facilitate the Barber and stylist of customers, stylists from different angles, height to figure out the customer's hair design, ornamental.

Barber Chair wide range of stepping, stepping the main customer service, are directly installed Chair of foot and
Barber Chair base of the pump, and the star legs Barber Chair pumps, pedestal and star foot stepping two categories separate, when the Barber Chair rises to a certain level, the customer can put the foot on the pedal.