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Hairdressing Chairs Structure Characteristics

Dec 26, 2016

Salon Chair is different from ordinary chairs and pneumatic Chair, Salon Chair, usually by hydraulic pump height adjustment, normally hairdresser trampled by foot and a half foot height can be adjusted to a hair chairs, adjustable backrest and hairdressing Chair flipping through hand pneumatic valve adjust the backrest angle. Function of normal hair salon chair lift and rotation, which is mainly to facilitate the salon and stylist of customers, stylists from different angles, height to figure out the customer's hair design, ornamental. Hairdressing Chair foot variety, stepping the main customer service, directly mounted chairs are stepping and stepping two separate classes, when the Salon Chair rises to a certain level, the customer can put the foot on the pedal.   Hairdressing chair seat and back fabric is typically used for faux leather fabric, fillings for sponge, the overall framework for multilayer PCB and metal racks, handrails often have PU materials, chairs the body material of the same style leather sponge boarding, metal, etc. Hairdressing Chair bases typically have five-star-shaped, turtle feet, Tiger feet, round, square and many other shapes. Made of chrome-plated or stainless steel, stainless steel base cost is higher.