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New Electric Barber Chair

Dec 26, 2016

Along with the socio-economic development and the improvement of living standards, Barber began to reform, Barber was the term "hair" as an alternative, practicality is far inferior to the decorative. Large, heavy cast iron Barber Chair, old dark wooden tables, white towels and razor ... ... The Barber of standard equipment has disappeared from the memory of many young people. Been replaced by chain stores, flagship store, hairdressing Studio, sounds feel more stylish, high-end names. Stragglers shop has grown into a chain of enterprises, in order to win the high end of the market, brand and image building received more and more attention, traditional hydraulic Barber Chair, shaving Chair has been unable to meet demand. New Barber's chairs are increasingly fashionable in design, materials and novel, using the new electric linear actuator with electric lifting function Barber's chairs are increasingly popular.